Llandaff: the ancient city within the modern city of Cardiff. Its narrow streets, pubs, and crumbling ruins create the atmosphere of a sleepy forgotten village, dominated by an ancient Cathedral, and one of Britain’s oldest Christian sites, near the banks of the river Taff.

However, behind the peace and quiet of Llandaff lies a turbulent past of war, plunder, disaster, and tragedy. Little wonder then that this tiny hamlet is teeming with stories, legends, and hauntings, ancient and modern.

This is a ghost walk with a difference - you are in a city but can enjoy a mystical rural atmosphere, a Cardiff ghost tour in an ancient village setting. Mysterious, sad and terrifying true tales await: a mournful white lady, seen for generations near the river and in the woodlands; a sinister, hooded and faceless man in black who watches, and follows visitors; a hideously ugly witch-like demon, a portent of death, haunting the lanes and woodlands; curious ghostly children, seen, heard and felt throughout the route.

All these and many more tales, ancient and modern, await!

Meet on the steps of the National Museum.

£10 per person - book and reserve your tickets now.

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