Hello everyone! Blackpool is just around the corner and I wanted to use this opportunity to update you about what will happen there.

The most important thing about Blackpool is it is our first celebration and we want as many Deaf people to take part, as there will never be another 125th Celebration again! You will a part of history – it’s too good an opportunity to miss.

I am aware that some people are confusing this event with Deafpool. We are supporting Deafpool and this separate event is to celebrate our own anniversary.

This event is fun; there will be some games and opportunity to meet new and old faces. We are pleased to have BSLBT supporting our event and there will be two programmes screened at this event.

Many people have fond memories of Blackpool and are returning to remember all the wonderful things that happened in the past. Some people are coming to Blackpool to make new memories.

We are excited to announce that as this is our first special celebration event, a three course dinner and drinks reception are now included in the price. (£12)

We are proud that BDA has been around for 125 years and we are excited to celebrate this with you.

You can buy tickets online below. Buy them before they run out!

Download a poster copy here

Booking for this event has now closed.