We would like to tell you about an upcoming event in North Derbyshire, an information workshop where Derbyshire police will be talking about Internet Safety.  This will be held at Chesterfield Deaf club on Saturday 10th September at the usual time of 2pm to 4pm.

The workshop is about internet safety, you may have seen in the media that it is unsafe,  you have received an email asking you to send funds abroad or you have received a friend request and you do not know this person, they may be asking you for money and you feel concerned or you may have ordered something online and when it arrives it’s not what you expected and the money is already gone or your children are playing games, how do you know they are safe and how do you monitor this.

The workshop will be delivered by Derbyshire Police who will explain how to keep safe, still use the internet but be safer, passwords etc.

If you need any more information please contact the BDA

Look forward to seeing you there

Robin Ash
Access & Inclusion Officer - Midlands

Booking for this event has now closed.