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History made - BSL (Scotland) Bill Passed

Today, Thursday 17 September 2015, a historic landmark occurred when the BSL (Scotland) Bill, introduced by Mark Griffin MSP on 29 October 2014, was passed unanimously by all Parties in the Chamber in Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh.

The British Deaf Association (BDA) Scotland is delighted that the BSL (Scotland) Bill is set to become an Act and will promote the use of British Sign Language.

The BSL (Scotland) Bill received support from MSPs, Deaf organisations, individuals across Scotland and most importantly, the Deaf community. It is this partnership that made such a significant achievement possible.

In four weeks, the Presiding Officer (Tricia Marwick MSP) will submit the Bill for Royal Assent. Once granted, it will become an Act of the Scottish Parliament

This Act will require provision for the preparation and publication of a British Sign Language National Plan for Scotland.

The BDA Scotland would like to give special thanks to Mark Griffin MSP and Hilary Third of the Scottish Government for their close collaboration in working to fulfil the long held central objective of the BDA: equality through the legislation of BSL.

The BDA applauds the Scottish Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee for setting up the original BSL (Scotland) Bill Facebook group for the Deaf community, which proved very successful.

They have been wonderful. They have consistently engaged and communicated with the Deaf community through our first language, BSL.

We also had wonderful support from the MSP’s which drove us to move forward with the BSL (Scotland) Bill. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with the Scottish Government.

Today is a momentous day for the Scottish Deaf Community, their language and culture for their lives.

I am proud to witness this special historical day today in my country. It is one of the most important days for the Deaf community in Scotland and the rest of the UK.

Today has united the Deaf community in Scotland. It has strengthened the beauty of belonging and the spirit of the Scottish Deaf people about our language, BSL.

I am very proud of being Scottish, today more than ever. Scotland was the first country in the UK to make BSL an Act. It is emotional day for Deaf community in Scotland.

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful support. We will continue to work together and keep up the good positive work. It is now onwards and upwards. It is a day to remember and treasure!


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