Text transcript of BSL video:

Welcome to the BDA.

This is BDA newflash for Derbyshire – we are very pleased to announce that we have received some funding from the office of Police and Crime Commissioner for Derbyshire, the funding is to run a project for a year.

This project is to support the Deaf Community in becoming more confident to report any issues of crime so that they can access the information relating to prevention of crime and therefore reduce the risk of crime.

So this project will offer a series of events starting with consultation meetings around Derbyshire County and Derby City.  We will visit the Deaf community and inform them of Derbyshire Police Service, what they have and to encourage more people to have the confidence to report crime.  We will also look at what the issues that might stop you reporting crime’s to the police.

Secondly we will organise a series of information sessions for the Deaf Community in Derbyshire County and Derby City.  This is to ensure that you know how to prevent crime and there will be a series of talks on different issues and how you can reduce the risk of crime. 

Thirdly there will be a series of Deaf Equality training sessions for the Police.  For example the PLOD – Police Liaison Officer for Deaf people, if there are any officers who are keen to join the PLOD they will receive this training.  We will train the frontline staff such as receptionists so they have the confidence if approached by a deaf person coming to report an incident.  Also Victim Support – so if a Deaf Person has been the victim of crime and needs support from Victim Support they would be more confident in knowing how to support you.

We will look at how information gets out to the public and especially how to make sure it is accessible for the Deaf community and that you know where to find it.

This project is aimed to increase the Deaf Communities confidence in the Police, to understand what Crime is, to have the confidence to report any crimes and to reduce overall crime.

The BDA are delighted to have this funding to ensure we can carry on our work supporting the Deaf Community to be more confident, to be included in society and report crime to the police service to make sure that Derbyshire is a safer place.

Keep an eye out for upcoming events and the series of dates for Derbyshire County and Derby City.

Thank you,

Robin Ash
Access & Inclusion Officer
British Deaf Association