Text transcript:

The British Deaf Association is pleased to announce that Dr Terry Riley OBE, the Chair of the Association, has been appointed as the official representative of the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), on the Board of the International Disability Alliance (IDA) effective 1 July 2016. And it is with great pride that Dr Riley is the first sign language deaf person from the UK to sit on the board of the IDA.

Dr Riley will be actively involved in all human rights work done by IDA and make sure that the needs of the Global Deaf Community are appropriately addressed in all international forums. Dr Riley will also start as a member of an internal working group of the WFD called WFD Human Rights Steering Committee, chaired by WFD Vice-President Dr Joseph Murray.

The BDA wishes Dr Riley all the best in his new role.


(BSL presenter in video: David Buxton, BDA Director of Campaigns and Communications)