Text transcript of BSL video:

David Buxton:
We’re here at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and today it’s the second meeting in relation to Personal Independence Payments (PIP). Simon Hesselburg will fill you in on what’s happening.

Simon Hesselberg:
This is one of a series of meetings that will take place. The purpose of the meetings is to review firstly, cases whereby individuals have attended an assessment without a BSL/English interpreter being provided. If this has happened to you, let us know when it was, including the time, date and location in order for us to collate evidence. Secondly, if you attended an assessment and feel that the questions that were asked of you were wrong or inappropriate, then do let us know, including the same information as before: where, what time and when it was. Thirdly, if you’ve received an assessment decision and were awarded between zero and four points, please do send a copy of your decision letter to the BDA, removing your name if you wish. This will allow us to create a body of evidence. Thank you.

David Buxton:
Please do contact us, here at the BDA.



"BDA raised concerns on PIP with DWP

UPDATE FROM DWP - 12/07/2016:

"Open consultation - Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment: second independent review call for evidence" (link to DWP's website)


"Third meeting with DWP concerning PIP"