Bob McCullough, a deaf pioneer living in Belfast, Northern Ireland sadly passed away on 1st June 2016.

Bob was the first Chairman of the Ulster Deaf Sports Council in 1976, leading the way for many deaf people living in Ulster with the aim to oversee and deliver sports competitions at local and provincial level.

Bob was an advocate and was passionate about supporting deaf people in education and employment.

Michael Johnston, NI Deaf Sports Chairman, said "My father worked in Mackie’s in the 1960s/70s and has memories of a deaf man supporting other deaf workers at Mackie’s with their communication needs. That man was Bob and he always made sure deaf people in the workplace were being supported and treated as an equal in Mackie’s.

Bob is well known for his articles in the Belfast Telegraph. His articles has encouraged many parents of deaf children to have a brighter outlook on their deaf child’s future.

Bob was passionate about the education of deaf children and young people and as a result, he set up an annual Authors & Arts Prize competition for schools. Every year, hundreds of deaf children and young people entered the competition to showcase their literacy and arts skills. To this day this fabulous competition continues and is organised by the NDCS.

The Deaf Community will have fond memories of Bob. I personally enjoyed his company and chats at his home and at deaf events.

On behalf of everyone in Deaf Sports, I want to pass on our sincere condolences to his wife Evelyn, his children, grandchildren and family circle."

Source: Northern Ireland Deaf News

Newspaper article: "Telegraph columnist who flew the flag for our deaf community" - Obituary by Alf McCreary - 03/06/2016.