The DWP (Department for Works and Pension) recently contacted the BDA for a third PIP meeting on 11th November to meet PIP contractors to discuss key concerns over Deaf applicants attending PIP assessments in the past year.

They want evidence from Deaf PIP applicants by Monday 1st November so we would be very grateful if you could help us – sending your own experience over your PIP assessment, for example, you requested for a qualified registered BSL interpreter, PIP contractor ignored or did not provide one, or PIP assessor asked inappropriate or unhelpful question(s). If you have, please give:

1. When, where and what time
2. Your PIP case reference
3. What was your concern / complaint?

We need your response by Tuesday 1st November – email: campaigns@bda.org.uk 

DWP reassures that your details will be kept in confidential and this will not cause any problem on your PIP.

If you are unsure or not clear, please SMS on 07720 916515 for FaceTime or Skype video call and we will be happy to help.


Thank you.

Policy and Campaigns
British Deaf Association