BDA Derbyshire Crime project: The difference of emergency and non-emergency SMS

What is classed as an emergency and the difference to a non-emergency situation when using text message to the police.Read more

PIP Meeting with Capita - "Disappointing"

It is unacceptable and a very bad practice for any high level or complex meetings with trainee BSL interpreters.Read more

Update: BDA Medal of Honour bestowed to Doug Alker

We finally managed to make the presentation to Doug at the East Lancashire Deaf Society.Read more

BDA Congratulates Lilian Lawson OBE on her Honorary Doctorate

UK's most staunch advocates for BSL has been honoured by Heriot Watt University.Read more

BDA Website Survey and win £50 Amazon Voucher!

We need your feedback and opinions about BDA's website.Read more

Third meeting with DWP concerning PIP

An update from third meeting with DWP in relation to Personal Independence Payments (PIP).Read more

A new era for the British Deaf News

It's time for us to embrace new technology and bring BDN into the 21st century.Read more

We need evidence from you - Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

DWP want evidence from Deaf PIP applicants by Monday 1st November!Read more

Derbyshire Crime Project Update

The aim is for the Deaf community to have increased awareness of how to access Police services in Derbyshire.Read more

NHS Leicester City CCG to fund a short video project on access to health services

BDA are delighted to receive the funding so that we can continue to support the Deaf community within Leicester.Read more

Launching groundbreaking "Signing Families Day"

The British Deaf Association is proud to launch its pioneering "Signing Families Day" this Saturday 17th September 2016.Read more

BDA honours three prominent individuals

BDA's prestige awards to Doug Alker, Liz Scott Gibson and Peter Jackson.Read more

BDA Announces Annual Celebration Day!

We are going to launch a brand new annual celebration day. Its aim is to promote sign language in the family.Read more

Second meeting with DWP concerning PIP

An update from second meeting with DWP in relation to Personal Independence Payments (PIP).Read more