Ruth Montgomery

She’s been deaf from birth, but with her analogue hearing aids she has forged a career as a professional musician, teacher, visual artist and creative powerhouseRead more

Genevieve Barr

The actress caused a sensation at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in her role as Alice in The Solid Life of Sugar Water. Praised by audiences and critics, it has garnered stellar reviews. Here, the BAFTA award winner and International EMMY nominated actress talks to BDN about why we need more Deaf talentRead more

Deaf perks

A world with no snoring, no bad music and a loving community. Alexis Borochoff puts together a list of the best things about being DeafRead more

In search of justice

A mock trial by jury involving Deaf jurors was held in Sydney last year – the first of its kind – to assess whether they could effectively participate with interpreters. Jemina Napier who set up the trial and Alastair McEwin who is challenging a ban on Deaf jurors in Australia tell the BDN why this was put to the testRead more

Campaigning for a better life

A lot has changed since then. Penny Beschizza, Jen Dodds and Andrew Don look at some of the campaigns which contributed to this transformationRead more

Signs of hope in court

How robust are procedures for Deaf people in British courts? Jessica Moore explores BSL legal interpretingRead more

Young campaigners

"We are not afraid to stand up and ask for what we have right to." Meet the sisters who didn't take NO for an answerRead more

Toy Like Me

The story of a campaign that helped produce the UK's first ever Deaf doll. Melissa Mostyn reportsRead more

Deaf icons

Deaf iconsRead more

The girl behind the headlines

The girl behind the headlinesRead more

One girl's fight

One Girl's fightRead more

The BSL Bill is about our fundamental human rights

"The BSL Bill is about our fundamental human rights"Read more

Scotland, Vote BSL - Not without my daughter

Scotland, Vote BSL - Not without my daughterRead more

Incloodu Deaf Arts Festival 2015

Incloodu Deaf Arts Festival 2015Read more

Modelling success

Modelling successRead more