The British Deaf Association is encouraging all their supporters to put better use to the £1.6bn spent each year on greeting cards by personalising a Christmas e-card.

The charity has partnered with Exeter-based to give their supporters the opportunity to personalise their own Christmas e-card. 

Once they have chosen their e-card image and written a personalised message, supporters can choose to donate the amount they would have spent on cards and stamps to the BDA. The e-cards, which also show recipients that the sender donated and invite them to do the same, are a great sustainable alternative to the typical paper card.

Donations will not only help to support the important work they do for the Deaf community but also means loved ones will receive an e-card and see that you have donated to the charity. 

“We were really impressed by the sustainable, personalised service provided by We hope people are inspired to choose an e-card this Christmas to help support the work of the BDA,” said Dr Terry Riley OBE, Chairman of the British Deaf Association.   

BDA, a registered charity which has been a pioneer and champion of Deaf people since it was founded in 1890, is driven by two main aims: the promotion of British Sign Language (BSL) – which is a language in its own right, separate and distinct from spoken English – and the right to bi-lingual education in the United Kingdom. The organisation’s vision is one of Deaf Equality, Access and Freedom of Choice.

Help British Deaf Association this Christmas

You can use this website to quickly send e-cards and give the cost of greeting cards to our cause.

Take A Peek, No Sign-Up Required

How it Works

1. Choose an e-card image.

2. Write a personalised message.

3. Donate the cost of sending greeting cards.

Top Benefits

• BDA gets the equivalent cost of sending all those cards.
• Loved ones receive an e-card and see that you donated.
• Quick and easy alternative that reduces waste.

Give 110%

At least 100% of the cost of cards can go to British Deaf Association after processing Gift Aid on your donation. See How Payments Work.

Join us for Christmas 2015!

Please join us this Christmas to put to better use a proportion of the £1.6bn spent each year on greeting cards.

  • Help support our important work with the Deaf community
  • No sign-up required
  • Easy-to-use alternative to sending cards
  • Reduce waste

A billion cards are estimated to be burnt or dumped after the Christmas season. Help stem the tide and see your money go to a cause that you care about!