We have incorporated the marketplace to include service providers or organisations, not just businesses.  This is to enable organisations and service providers to come and capture a sense of celebration and pride.

Are you a Deaf business owner? Are you thinking about setting up your own business to sell products? This is an amazing opportunity for you to have a go and see if it is something that you would like to develop further - see BSL video, read more information here and reserve your space.

If you have any questions or enquiries, please get in touch with Jeff Brattan-Wilson at 125yearmanager@bda.org.uk.

Association of Sign Language Interpreters UK

The Association of Sign Language Interpreters UK, established in 1987 to provide professional discussion on issues related to sign language interpreting and the provision of interpreting services. To further this aim in 2014 we signed a memorandum of understanding with the British Deaf Association (BDA). We have been working together to spread awareness of the changing role of the interpreter in Deaf clubs around the country and to gain a better understanding of differing needs and expectations of our deaf clients.

Come and visit our stall to chat about some of the changes and see how the profession is developing into a service that meets the needs of Deaf and Hearing clients. We are always looking for feedback too so please tell us about your interpreting experiences.

Website: www.asli.org.uk


Becoming Visible

Established in 2002, Becoming Visible is a Deaf organisation based in Newcastle upon Tyne. It’s a provider of British Sign Language/ English Interpreting Services, Translation, Deaf Awareness and British Sign Language Courses. In 2015, we started making a TV series for The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT) – ‘Close Up’. We also provide youth activities, community events and signposting, advice and information services on all things related to Deaf people.

Website: www.becomingvisible.co.uk


British Deaf History Society

The BDHS was established in 1993 to promote and advance the interest in the discovery, research, conservation and preservation of the histories of Deaf people, their communities, culture and language.

Website: www.bdhs.org.uk


British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT)

The British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust (BSLBT) commissions television programmes made in British Sign Language.

BSLBT was set up in 2008, with Ofcom's approval, to offer an alternative way for commercial broadcasters to meet their regulatory requirements to provide sign language on their qualifying channels. BSLBT gained charitable status in January 2012.

The board of BSLBT is made up of seven people: three Deaf trustees, three hearing trustees and an Executive Chair. As well as the Chair, the Trust has a small team of staff.

Since 2008 BSLBT has commissioned over 160 programmes, many of which have been screened and won awards around the world.

All of these programmes are available to watch on our BSL Zone player: www.bslzone.co.uk and are broadcast on the Community Channel and Film4 four times a week throughout the year.

Website: www.bslzone.co.uk


Deaf Hub CIC

Deaf Hub CIC is a Community Interest company based in Northamptonshire that believes in ‘Enabling equal access to the wider community for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deafblind people.’ We do this by providing advocacy, wellbeing, employment and interpreting services all of which focus on the client and their needs and wishes. Profits from our company go into growing and improving our service to enable us to best meet the needs of the community we serve.

Website: www.deafhub.co.uk


Deaf Independent

Deaf Independent supports deaf people by working in partnership with professionals in Social Work, Social Care and Legal Services. Our aim is to support and enhance your deaf client's quality of life and right to information. We are regularly booked for Independent Social Work Assessments and receiving enquiries for advocacy in Child Protection Cases as well as Mental Capacity cases.

We are a nationwide Independent Social Work Service with Deaf people, and families with deaf children. Our specialist areas are with Children and Families and Older People Service including Mental Capacity.

We are unique as we are Deaf led and support the social values of being a deaf organisation promoting the well-being and positive outcomes in the life of deaf people and families with deaf children.

Come and see us at the Marketplace - we look forward to seeing you and learning more about what support you feel is needed in the Deaf community.

Website: www.deafindependent.org.uk


Deaf Roots and Pride Project

This exciting project is aimed at Deaf children and young people (aged 8-20 years) who are transitioning from primary to secondary education or from secondary to external environments.

The project will provide opportunities for Deaf children and young adults to be exposed to rich Deaf culture, Deaf identity and Sign Language by working and meeting positive Deaf role models and showing them their future potential.

The project will show Deaf children and young people their endless possibilities and potential through Mentoring, Transitions & Signposting.

Website: www.bda.org.uk/drp-what-is-it


Deafinite Interpreters Ltd

Deafinite Interpreters - the Sign Language Interpreting Agency, meeting the needs of the Deaf community in the South West. 

This agency was established in 2007 and is run by 3 fully qualified interpreters, who, together have over 20 years of experience. We also have a further nine ‘staff interpreters’. All are either fully qualified or trainee interpreters, and are members of the Association of Sign Language Interpreters (ASLI) and registered with the National Register for Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People (NRCPD). In addition to our staff team we also hold a comprehensive database of freelance interpreters to complement our provision.

Website: www.deafiniteinterpreters.co.uk


Ericsson Broadcast & Media - Access Services

The Access Services department is part of Ericsson’s Broadcast and Media Services division, providing accurate and compelling in-vision sign language translation for live news and pre-recorded video content. Our sign language translation capabilities incorporate high quality access solutions for DVDs and web-based content. We also provide fast and accurate subtitling and audio description, covering 30 languages.

At Ericsson, our mission to provide a networked society promises to deliver growth and prosperity based on greater social cohesion. For the Access Services products, this means striving to ensure that all content, live or recorded, is searchable, more valuable and accessible to audiences everywhere.

Website: www.ericsson.com


IBSL - Institute of British Sign Language

IBSL is a Charity registered in England. It is a UK awarding organisation accredited by Ofqual (Office of the Regulator for Qualifications and Examinations). We provide a range of qualifications in British Sign Language (BSL) and Deaf Studies that meet the needs of learners of all ages and abilities.

Website: www.ibsl.org.uk



The Krowd app (iOS & Android) is the official event app for the British Deaf Association 125 Year Congress.

The Krowd connects crowds on the same Wi-Fi enabling group and one to one conversations. Use the app anywhere anytime.

Your conversations are your business not ours. The only record of the Krowd conversation is on your phone, whether from group chat or one to one.

We are trialing our ‘Krowd Announcer’ feature at this event, using mobile push notifications to create vibration alerts for important organizer messages. We are keen to get feedback from the deaf community on the utility of this feature and the potential for the app in general. For more information about the company behind the Krowd app visit our website.

Website: www.krowdthink.com



The world’s First Plant Derived Mineral supplement in a Convenient Effervescent Form - the best source of minerals which are “certified” to have 75 pure plant derived minerals. Our ground breaking product is a 100% natural drink called “Sizzling Minerals”.

Website: www.minerals4all.com


Olivier Jamin - Contemporary Artist

Olivier is a Contemporary Artist who has been Deaf since birth and has had a long life passion for the arts.

Olivier specialises in hand drawn multi-coloured art and creates Stencil Graffiti. Some of his hand drawn work uses different styles such as pen dotting style or ‘tricking the eye’ art so people can spend time looking at the artwork rather than a quick 5 second glance. The aim is to produce work that combines the effect of colours and patterns and raise people’s imagination and awareness especially regarding deafness and disabilities.

Olivier is constantly experimenting and finding new ideas and concepts. Much of his work is inspired by influences taken from personal life experiences of being Deaf and from his travels to Europe, Kenya and India.

You can find Olivier’s art stall at the Sign Language Market Place and opportunity to view as well as to buy the artwork.

Website: www.ojart.net


RAD – Royal Association for Deaf people

We promote equality for Deaf people through the provision of accessible services. RAD has been working with sign language users and promoting Deaf people’s rights since 1841 and are celebrating our 175th birthday this year!

Website: www.royaldeaf.org.uk



The Deaf Health Charity SignHealth is a national charity which aims to improve the health and wellbeing of deaf people of all ages and backgrounds through services and campaigning.

Our services include: residential homes; BSL Healthy Minds, a psychological therapy in BSL; Deaf Hope, a BSL based service for women suffering domestic abuse; provision of health information in British Sign Language and campaigning to improve access.

Website: www.signhealth.org.uk




SignLive, a Scotland-based VRI and VRS provider, is a recent start-up and rapidly becoming a major player in the UK's burgeoning BSL video interpreting market.

SignLive is unique in its use of cutting-edge video conferencing technology which is amongst the most advanced in the world.

Website: www.signlive.co.uk



SignVideo is a video interpreting service. The best BSL interpreters and video technology, all used to empower you.

SignVideo was founded in 2004, to provide the UK with its first high-quality video interpreting service. We are a social business with a percentage of our proceeds reinvested back into the Deaf community.

Website: www.signvideo.co.uk



SHARE: The Deaf Visual Archive

Take a look at SHARE: The Deaf Visual Archive! For over four years the BDA has been working on bringing their large film and video collection back to life. Members of the BDA’s Film Heritage Team will be on-hand throughout the Congress to explain how to use this exciting website, view materials from the past and contribute your own comments and memories.

SHARE even allows you to upload your own material. Why not bring a couple of your own photographs to Congress and see how to get started?

For more information contact Lisanne Holly: filmheritage.assistant@bda.org.uk

Website: www.sharedeafarchive.org


UK Deaf Sport

Founded in 2003 UK Deaf Sport is the strategic lead for deaf sports in the UK. We want every deaf person active and inspired by sport. To achieve this we work with over 18 sports to create opportunities for more deaf people to participate in sport throughout their lives and more deaf athletes to perform on the world stage.

Website: www.ukdeafsport.org.uk


Zebra Uno

Zebra Uno is a unique, creative business focused on digital media and communication closely linked to the Deaf Community.

Website: www.zebra-uno.com


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