Toni: HI, my name’s Toni and this is my sign name.

Charlene: And I’m Charlene. [Gives sign name].

Toni: We’re here to tell you about a new project at the British Deaf Association, BDA, called ‘Deaf Roots and Pride’ – DRP for short. It’s funded by the Big Lottery and will run for three years.

Charlene: We’re here today to explain our roles. So Toni, what’s your role?

Toni: I’m the Mentoring Officer.

Charlene: Mentoring, right. So, what’s involved with that?

Toni: It involves different things but one of my tasks will be to recruit Deaf people role models – adults who can be mentors - and who can take Deaf children and young people to activities to help develop their confidence.

Charlene: So, who can be mentors?

Toni: They can be Deaf adults who have been through similar experiences, know what the issues are, can empathise with young Deaf people and instil confidence in them.

Charlene: When you say Deaf adults, do you mean those who are oral or who sign or both?

Toni: Oh, both, because children have different ways of communicating and the mentors should adapt to meet the children’s needs.

Charlene: Thanks for that.

Toni: So what about you? What’s your role?

Charlene: I’m the Transition Officer.

Toni: What does that entail?

Charlene: It’s my job to make sure children have a smooth transition from primary school to secondary school, on to college, work, university or whatever.

Toni: What kind of support would be offered?

Charlene: It’s about making sure they have the right support from the right people. This could be working with them on their job applications, CVs, and things like that. It depends on what they want.

Toni: That’s great for young adults, but what about primary school children?

Charlene: Ah, they’re so important. From P7 upwards, it’s about making sure they have the right support to move schools, make sure they know where they’re going and have the confidence because it’s a big change in their lives.

Toni: True. We’ll be working together in the future….

Charlene: Definitely!

Toni: …. Do you want to give examples of what we’ll be working on?

Charlene: It’ll be events such as writing CVs, job applications, applying to University … different things like that.

Toni: There’ll definitely be a range of things over the three years.

Charlene: It’s also important to have Deaf role models for young people.

Toni: Absolutely! Now, as we said, there’s going to be a range of events over the next three years. They’ll be for 8-20 year olds. You can find this information on the BDA website as well as through updates on Facebook and via email.



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