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The possibilities and potential for young Deaf people are endless.

Enrich child’s life by learning about Deaf culture.

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Allow young Deaf adults and children opportunities to meet Deaf Role Models.

Assisting Deaf Young People in making informed decisions.

Providing experience and knowledge of “what’s out there for Deaf people”.

What is Deaf Roots & Pride?

A three-year lottery project aimed at Deaf children and young people (aged 8-20 years) who are transitioning from primary to secondary education or from secondary to external environments.

The project has four elements which are:-

  • Culture
  • Sign Posting
  • Mentoring
  • Transition

When Deaf children and young people have been involved in the Deaf Roots and Pride project, they will:

  • Be more inspired and hopeful about their future
  • Have a more positive attitude about being Deaf during their school years and when they leave school and venture into adulthood
  • To be aware of their own potential
  • Have made new friends and create their own social circle around their interests and aspirations


Deaf children have the opportunity to be exposed to a rich culture, deaf identity and sign language by:

  • Meeting peers who are positive role models and will show them their future potential
  • Enabling them to discover and understand how other Deaf people overcome barriers
  • Becoming more aware that there is another world they can get involved in if they wish, either now or later

This project will show Deaf children and young people their endless possibilities and potential through...


Deaf children and young adults will receive information leading to informed choices by:

  • Let them explore options and opportunities available to them enabling them to make decisions that are best for them
  • Having opportunities to engage with other Deaf people and organisations who will provide a range of services and events
  • Empowering them to remain engaged in education and their everyday life to improve their career and social prospects in the future


Deaf young people will have the opportunity to:

  • Receive mentoring support from other Deaf peers who are positive role models
  • Discover and understand how their Deaf peers deal with their everyday lives
  • Develop ideas & tips from their mentors on how to make friends
  • Develop skills in breaking down communication barriers

The Mentors will be recruited in line with the BDA’s rigorous child protection and safeguarding policies (this includes enhanced CRB checks and accredited mentoring training)


They will receive guidance through the provision of primary/secondary and post 16 transition programmes that will:

  • Improve their understanding of what advice/support is available to enable them to have a positive outlook to overcome challenges
  • Stories/experiences of other Deaf people who have undergone the transition
  • Training to develop coping skills and how to break down barriers when meeting new people


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