Transcripts Summary

Navin Shah Labour Assembly Member of London, moved a Motion proposing that the Mayor of London sign up to the BDA’s BSL Charter at the London Assembly Plenary held on Wednesday 2 March 2016, 12pm to 12.30pm 

Navin Shah said he was delighted to move this motion and he welcomed Deaf people present in the Chamber. He said that he is a proud ambassador for the Harrow United Deaf Club and he supported the BSL Charter signing by Harrow Council. He complimented Asif Iqbal for providing strong leadership.

Navin Shah explained that the motion will ensure Deaf residents are fully engaged in the community. The BSL Charter’s 5 pledges support this.  Two boroughs have signed up to the Charter – Harrow Council and Camden Council.

He urged the Mayor of London to accept the BSL Charter.

Andrew Boff Conservative Assembly Member of London, said he was delighted to second this motion.  He had been shocked and ashamed there is so little provision for Deaf people when they go to their GPs or Hospitals.  One expects services to be accessible for all but they are not.  He thanked Navin Shah for accepting the amendment proposing a standard for interpreters in health settings.  He challenged deaf people to stop being invisible and stand up for their rights.

Caroline Pidgeon Liberal Democrat Assembly Member of London, supported the motion.  She said it was important that Deaf people have their voices heard. It was vital that people are treated with respect with proper support.

She apologised for not being able to use sign language herself only the alphabet.

Darren Johnson Green Assembly Member of London, said it was a shame that only two boroughs have signed up to the Charter.  He looked forward to the Assembly encouraging more boroughs to sign up to the Charter and hoped that whoever is the next Mayor would be fully behind it as well.  

The Motion was unanimously passed.



Transcript last updated: 31/03/2016