BSL Video 1/4 - "At Home":

The British Deaf Association have been fortunate to secure funding from the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner, Derbyshire to run a crime project that has ran for a year covering several elements.  One element was to provide Deaf Equality training for front line staff within the police and victim services.  Another element was to set up a series of consultation with Derbyshire Constabulary and the Deaf community to find out their views. We have developed a Deaf Advisory Group to support Derbyshire Constabulary with their Deaf Police Action Plan.  There has been a series of information sessions for Deaf people on different elements of Crime.  There has also been a survey linked to Deaf people’s experiences of Deaf people’s experiences when dealing with the police and especially Hate Crime.

One element of the project was to focus on developing a series of BSL community information videos.  We consulted with the Deaf community and found that they were unclear about the difference between the emergency and non-emergency text message numbers, they were confused as to what is classed as an emergency and the difference to a non-emergency situation.  We focussed on this and developed these video clips from this.

The videos were planned and developed in conjunction with Derbyshire Constabulary, North Derbyshire Deaf Forum, Derby City Deaf Forum and the BDA to create this series of films.  We spent time discussing the content; we used research in Derby City's Deaf people’s access to services which is available as an attachment.  When you view these you will see there are a series of different clips in response to the research.  Deaf people when accessing information need time to comprehend understand and have time to digest this.   Each video has a spokesperson explain the difference as reinforcement.

With agreement from North Derbyshire Deaf Forum, Derby City Deaf Forum and the Deaf Advisory Group we created an alternative type of video to the norm using role-play and BSL, it is a visual representation and you can see the difference between emergency or non-emergency.  At the consultation meetings Deaf people have expressed confusion about which text message service to use, when to contact and which type of crime to report to which number.

So we created the scripts and storyboards in partnership with Derbyshire Constabulary and filmed these video clips at Derbyshire Constabulary Headquarters with volunteers from both Forums as volunteer actors.  There are 4 parts to this, ‘At Home', 'On the road', 'Out and About' and 'Witnessing a Crime' with an example of an emergency and non-emergency scenarios for each.  The content has been supplied by Derbyshire Constabulary.  It has been very hard work for us all to create this series of videos.

We have previewed the videos at a Hate Crime Seminar that was held in Derby City, and a series of workshops with Leicester Deaf Forum, Nottinghamshire Deaf Wellbeing Action Group and North Derbyshire Deaf Forum to gauge the views of Deaf residents.  The video was designed to support Derbyshire Constabulary but it will be shared with all forces in the East Midlands Region - Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire. 

These videos are launched via Derbyshire Constabulary, Derbyshire PLOD and the BDA.  We are hoping Deaf people will access these video clips.  The feedback we have received to date has said the delivery of this information was more accessible and understandable as it is delivered in a visual format.

Quote from Robin Ash, BDA Access and inclusion Officer:

"This project has been a huge learning curve for us all.  To work in partnership with so many organisations, to share experience's and ideas,  to involve the cultural element of our language and how information is delivered, the role-play and working within guidelines has benefitted us all.  Working in partnership with the Deaf community, for them to participate is key and for them to be involved in the process. 

We are very proud that we have used a young Deaf BDA volunteer has done the film production; he is currently studying a film & television production course at University.  He has done all the filming, editing and subtitling.  The project is an excellent resource and will be able to support and empower the local Deaf community, to understand the difference in emergency and non-emergency situations, for them to develop confidence when contacting the police when needed."

The video can be shared and support other areas in the country.  We look forward to developing and creating more videos like this with Derbyshire Constabulary and other partnership organisations in the future. 

Robin Ash
BDA Access & Inclusion Officer


BSL Video 2/4 - "On the road":

BSL Video 3/4 - "Out and About":

BSL Video 4/4 - "Witnessing a Crime":