Text transcript from BSL video:

Hello. My name is James Mclean and I am an Access and Inclusion Officer working on the BSL charter for the BDA and part of a Community Development team.

On this video I am here to tell you about a project that I am involved with called ‘Our Vibrant Deaf Community’.

I have noticed and been amazed by the wide variety of skills and achievements that Deaf people have which show just what Deaf people can do. But now we need to capture evidence about these vibrant achievements and put them onto a website where we can show them to everyone to demonstrate just what Deaf people can do.

Once we have captured and recorded these achievements onto the website, it will be available to both deaf and hearing people as well as deaf children, who will particularly benefit from seeing deaf role models.

I am going to be focusing on different areas of achievement, but for the moment I want to focus on the area of sport. Sport can include individual achievements, so if you have achieved something or are proud of something you have done, tell me about it or tell me about someone you know.

There are also different types of sports so maybe you are involved with football or skiing, or maybe you are an individual deaf person competing in a league or perhaps you are involved with a deaf team or group and competing in a deaf league, these are the sort of vibrant achievements I want to know about. All this information can be entered onto the website page.

Please do send information to us via email:

1) Email address: eco.nweng@bda.org.uk

2) Please add on your 'Subject' line in email: Deaf Community Sport 

3) Enter your full name and then a brief outline of who you are and what your achievements are, you may also want to add other details such as your own website, Facebook or Twitter page. 

All this information will be shared to show what a vibrant deaf community we have.

We at the BDA would like to thank you in advance for your contributions which will benefit us all for the future. We really appreciate it.