Access and Inclusion (Health) Review: Deaf BSL users' engagement with health care in Scotland - (PDF Download)

  Accessing Public Services - Issues for Deaf People - London Boroughs - (PDF Download)

  Improving Access for BSL Users - Checklists for Health Boards and NHS Trusts - (PDF Download)

  Charter for British Sign Language  - Version 3 - (PDF Download)

  The Scottish Government's Consultation paper: “A Governance Review: Empowering Teachers and Communities to Achieve Excellence and Equity (Fairness) in Education” - (Webpage with BSL video and PDF to download)

  Throw away the key? - How Britain’s prisons don’t rehabilitate Deaf people - (PDF download)

  Access & Inclusion - A Report on Hate Crime in Scotland’s Deaf Community - PDF download

  Access to Council Services for Older Deaf People in England and Wales - PDF download

  Access to Council Services for Deaf People in Birmingham - PDF download

  Access to Health Services for Older People In England and Wales - PDF download

  Access to local services in Newport and Monmouthshire for Deaf and hard of hearing people - PDF download

  Access to GPs in North Derbyshire - PDF download

  Access to Services for Deaf people - Derby - PDF download

  Deaf Community Speaks Up On Local Health Services  - Healthwatch Leicester - PDF download

  Deaf Organisations and Funding - PDF download

  Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for Deaf People - PDF download

  Early Years Intervention for Deaf Children in Northern Ireland - PDF download

  NHS BSL/English Interpreting provision within Health Settings in Scotland - PDF download

  Report on Health Services Provision to BSL Users in Scotland - PDF download

  Response to Consultation on the mental Health Strategy for Scotland - PDF download

  Response to the Consultation: "Fulfilling Potential" - PDF download

  Response to the Consultation on the proposed British Sign Language Bill, Scotland - PDF download

  Scottish Independence Referendum and the Deaf Community in Scotland - PDF download

  Submission to Scottish Parliament - Attainment of school pupils with a sensory impairment - To the Scottish Parliament's Education and Culture Committee - PDF download

  Transforming Deaf People's Lives - PDF download