Access and Inclusion (Health) Review: Deaf BSL users' engagement with health care in Scotland - (PDF Download)

  Accessing Public Services - Issues for Deaf People - London Boroughs - (PDF Download)

  Improving Access for BSL Users - Checklists for Health Boards and NHS Trusts - (PDF Download)

  Charter for British Sign Language  - Version 3 - (PDF Download)

  The Scottish Government's Consultation paper: “A Governance Review: Empowering Teachers and Communities to Achieve Excellence and Equity (Fairness) in Education” - (Webpage with BSL video and PDF to download)

Access & Inclusion - A Report on Hate Crime in Scotland’s Deaf Community

Access to Council Services for Older Deaf People in England and Wales

Access to Council Services for Deaf People in Birmingham

Access to Health Services for Older Deaf People in England and Wales

Access to local services in Newport and Monmouthshire for Deaf and hard of hearing people

Access to GPs in North Derbyshire

Access to Services for Deaf People - Derby

Deaf Community Speaks Up On Local Health Services - Healthwatch Leicester

Deaf Organisations and Funding

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for Deaf People

Early Years Intervention for Deaf Children in Northern Ireland

NHS BSL/English interpreting provision within health settings in Scotland

Report on Health Services Provision to BSL Users in Scotland

Response to the Draft UK Initial Report

Response to Consultation on the mental Health Strategy for Scotland

Response to the Consultation: “Fulfilling Potential”

Response to the Consultation on the proposed British Sign Language Bill Scotland

Scottish Independence Referendum and the Deaf Community in Scotland

Submission to the Scottish Parliament - Attainment of school pupils with a sensory impairment - To the Scottish Parliament’s Education and Culture Committee

Transforming Deaf People's Lives