The Belfast team works within Community Development and works across Advocacy and the BSL / ISL Charter.

The team is led by Majella McAteer, Community Development Manager:



  • Community Advocacy – to develop and support self-help groups and self-advocacy skills with Deaf people who use statutory and voluntary health and social services.  To enable Deaf people to represent their own needs and influence the nature and quality of services

  • Personal Advocacy – to provide an occasional skilled specialist source of independent one-to-one (peer) advocacy, information and advice for Deaf people and their families

  • Community Development – to enhance the capacity of the Deaf community, playing an active role in identifying local needs and developing joint approaches to meeting those needs.


    • Alice Johnston, Access & Inclusion (Advocacy) Officer, covering Belfast, Southern, South Eastern area: 

    • Susan Campbell, Access & Inclusion (Advocacy) Officer, covering Northern area: 

    • Naomi Fujitani, Access & Inclusion (Advocacy) Officer, covering Western area: 

BSL / ISL Charter

  • Works to empower local Deaf communities and develop consultation dialogue for improved access to local services using the BSL / ISL Charter. 

  • This includes working with local community groups, setting up forums and training events. 

  • Working with local service providers to promote the BSL/ISL Charter and improve accessibility.


    • Colette McMahon, BSL/ISL Charter Officer, covering Northern Ireland:

Deaf Roots and Pride team

  • Deaf Roots and Pride is a lottery project aimed at Deaf children and young people (aged 8-20 years) who are transitioning from primary to secondary education or from secondary to external environments.

  • The team comprises of a Project Coordinator, Transition Officer, Mentor and Administator.