The following teams sit within London's Head office including: 



  • Managed by Head Office Manager Christie Stolk.

  • Provides front end service on behalf of the BDA, answering and directing queries from the public to the relevant teams.

  • Manages BDA's membership programme and benefits.

  • Oversees BDA's HR processes.




Advocates and promotes BDA's two key aims:
  • The promotion of BSL.

  • The right to bi-lingual education.




  • Publishes BDA's monthly print and digital magazine, British Deaf News.

  • Manages BDA's press queries, press releases, media statements.

  • BDA website management and social media profile.

  • BDA graphic design, photography, filming and video editing.


    • Lyndon Borrow, Digital Engagement Coordinator: (website and social media)
    • For media/press enquiries - please contact Head Office Manager - Christie Stolk: Tel: 020 7697 4140, Email:, Skype: christie_bdaheadoffice


Community Development

The London team works within Community Development and primarily works across the BSL Charter, with some advocacy work.

The team is led by Paul Redfern, Senior Community Development Manager:

  • Access & Inclusion via BSL Charter and Advocacy.

  • Empower local Deaf communities and develop consultation dialogue for improved access to local services using the BSL Charter.  

  • Work with local community groups, setting up forums and training events.

  • Work with local service providers to promote the BSL Charter and improve accessibility.

  • Key coverage areas: East London including Waltham Forest, Newham, Camden and Greenwich.


  • Manages BDA's budget, overseeing income and expenditure.

  • Manages payment systems and processes invoices.

  • Produces periodic reports and monitoring.



BDA Film Heritage project

  • Manages SHARE: The Deaf Visual Archive is at the core of the British Deaf Association’s heritage work. 

  • Brings together films and photos from around the world in order to illustrate the Deaf community's long and rich history.