Deaf community questionnaire:

  1. Over the last 12 months, how many appointments have you had with your local GP service (primary care) and within NHS services (secondary care)?
  2. Do you feel that the healthcare practitioner was prepared for your visit? For example, did they book a BSL/English interpreter or give you extra time for your appointment?
  3. Did the healthcare professional (staff) listen to you carefully, treating you fairly and with respect? Did they understand/have awareness about Deaf-related issues and how they affect your life?
  4. Were you given BSL or plain/easy read English information to help you to understand your health problem? If so, was it clear and easy to understand?
  5. Do you feel involved with decisions about your care and services and the medication you receive from your GP/the NHS?
  6. Do you know who to contact if you have a problem when your GP’s surgery is closed? If not, why not?
  7. The BDA’s website has BSL videos about different health topics (dementia, stroke, depression, pancreatic cancer and MS). How often have you watched the videos? How useful were the videos? Did these videos have an impact? How? Or if you don’t watch the videos – why not?
  8. Did you think the BDA’s information sessions (on depression and stroke) or steering groups (on dementia, MS, ME and stroke) were useful and informative? If not, why not?
  9. After information sessions, did you receive follow up information? If yes, what?
  10. Do you think this project will make a difference and help health services to improve their provision for the Deaf community? How?



Updated: 22/03/2016