Linda Day is the Vice Chair of BDA's Board of Trustees. Linda is a well-known teacher, trainer and television presenter.

Linda is nationally and internationally recognised for her role in the development of teaching BSL. She was the first Deaf Centre Director at Bristol University for two years, moving on to become BSL Director and graduated her MSc in 2000.

She was also BSc Programme Director and BSL Director for Lifelong Learning which spaped the development of BSc BSL Courses.

Linda has also been Project Coordinator, Project Director, Lecturer and Researcher in which she completed her MSc dissertation on the BSL handshape development of Deaf children. Her other research was into 'sign names' better know as 'name signs'.

Linda has appeared as an interpreter on TV:

  • Points West, BBC TV
  • In vision for BBC's See Hear
  • News Headlines and Week to Week, HTV
  • Queen's Christmas message in the early 1990s.